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Forklift Accidents Are Both Common & Highly Injurious

Forklifts are remarkable; flexible machines that make it possible to manage large quantities of heavy raw materials and manufactured goods, making the most of available space and maximizing productivity of workers. However, the very characteristics of a forklift that make it a handy device in a warehouse, in a discount big box store and at a construction site also make it potentially hazardous. Its sudden turns and quick movements may take bystanders by surprise and result in run-over or knock-down accidents.

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Were you seriously injured or was your loved one killed in an accident caused by a forklift that backed up without a beeper warning of its approach? Was the accident victim knocked over or run over because of a forklift defect or because of human error by the operator of the forklift? The sooner your construction accident case is evaluated after a Bronx warehouse crash, law firm staff and attorneys can better assure you of the thoroughness of their investigation.

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