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Car accident injuries may not show up immediately

Automobile collisions are not exactly rare on New York roadways. In fact, according to the NYPD, there were more than 18,000 car accidents in the city in July 2019 alone. As you may suspect, these accidents involved drivers, bicyclists, pedestrians and passengers.

With the number of automobile accidents that occur on roads in NYC, you have a chance of being in one every time you leave your house. If you are, you must seek medical treatment to be sure you have not sustained a serious injury. Still, not all injuries appear immediately.

Car accident stress

Even minor car accidents can be incredibly stressful. After all, not only may you sustain an injury, but you may also have property damage. Further, you must deal with traffic, police officers, bystanders and others. Unfortunately, the anxiety that comes with automobile crashes may mask injury symptoms. That is, you may not realize you do not feel well until the adrenaline surging through your veins subsides.

Nerve and soft-tissue injuries

If you break a bone during a car crash, you are likely to have immediate pain that requires emergency care. That may not be the case, though, with nerve and soft-tissue injuries. On the contrary, a damaged nerve or torn muscle may not reveal itself until days, weeks or months after the accident. Further, swelling, infections and other complications may develop over time.

Mental health

Finally, your car accident injuries may not be physical. Instead, you may experience depression and anxiety following the crash. You may even develop post-traumatic stress disorder. If you fail to take care of your mental health, you may struggle for the rest of your life.

Car accidents do not happen to everyone. Nevertheless, if you find yourself in one, you must realize that car accident injuries may not show up immediately. By listening to your body and seeking the appropriate treatment, you increase your odds of recovering fully.

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