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Car accident leaves passenger with critical injuries

Police in New York are investigating a recent crash that left a teenage girl with critical injuries. This was a single-vehicle car accident that occurred in the Queens area. The injured victim was one of two passengers and the only one to be severely hurt in the incident.

According to reports, a teenage driver was behind the wheel of a sedan when she lost control and slammed the vehicle into a pole at the corner of 73rd place and Cook Avenue. One of her passengers live-streamed the event. In the video, at least one passenger can be heard telling the driver to stop. The driver can be seen laughing, and then the video cut out. It is believed that the young driver was traveling well over the speed limit, causing her to crash.

The driver and one of the passengers suffered injuries, though they were not severe. One of the girls, however, suffered significant head trauma. Her current condition and prognosis are unknown. As of the latest report, police have yet to indicate if the driver will be criminally charged for her role in the incident.

Teenage drivers often do things behind the wheel that are questionable. When they do, and people are hurt because of their actions, these young drivers and the owner/s of the vehicles they were driving may be held responsible for their victims’ losses. In this particular case, the parents of the victim may choose to seek compensation by filing legal claims in a New York civil court. With the assistance of legal counsel, such claims may be negotiated out of court or, if necessary, taken to trial. When successful, monetary damages for all documented losses resulting from this car accident may be achieved.

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