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DOT worker killed in trucking accident

Residents of an Upper East Side neighborhood were woken in the middle of the night on Tuesday, Oct. 22, to the sounds of construction workers screaming. The New York City Department of Transportation was working on a project on East 88th Street when a worker in a truck backed over a worker on the street. This trucking accident claimed the life of one individual and emotionally scarred others for a lifetime.

According to reports, a 35-year-old male was operating the truck and backed up, not knowing that one of his co-workers — a 44-year-old male — was in his path. A witness believes that the angle and size of the truck made it difficult for the driver to see. However, the driver was being directed by another employee on the street. It is unclear how the victim was not seen.

As of the latest report, no criminal charges have been filed in this case. It is believed to have been an accident. The New York Police Department and DOT are still investigating, however.

The victim’s family may be entitled to workers’ compensation death benefits, which could help them cover funeral costs, but these benefits are likely to leave them wanting — so to speak. They may be able to seek further compensation by filing third-party claims against the specific individuals believed responsible for their loved one’s death. An attorney with experience handling fatal trucking accident claims would be able to review this case and, if appropriate, assist the victim’s loved ones in taking steps to seek maximum relief.

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