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Drunk driver allegedly responsible for crash that injured 1

In mid-March, police in New York were called to the scene of a single-vehicle accident in Staten Island. They believe that a drunk driver was responsible for the wreck. As such, the injured individual may be entitled to seek compensation for his or her losses through legal means.

When authorities arrived, they found a totaled car, its front end completely smashed after hitting a building located at Decker and Post Avenues, with three passengers inside. The driver, however, was nowhere to be found. One of the passengers suffered injuries in the incident and was transported to an area hospital for treatment. This person’s current condition is unknown.

Authorities later located the driver — a 27-year-old male — at his residence and promptly took him into custody. The charges against this individual include failing to remain at the scene of an accident and driving while under the influence of alcohol. It is unclear if this individual is still behind bars or if he has been released pending the result of his criminal hearing.

When a single-vehicle accident occurs, injured passengers may not feel that they can or should pursue relief through legal means. No one wants to file a lawsuit against a friend or family member, but the simple truth is, it may be the only way to achieve fair and full compensation from the responsible party’s insurance provider. As an allegedly drunk driver caused this event, negligence may be easily established, simplifying the victim’s pursuit of maximum relief through either negotiations or litigation in a New York civil court.

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