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Family of boy killed by drunk driver seeking justice

In Sept. 2018, a group of Boy Scouts was hiking along a road in Long Island when tragedy struck. An allegedly drunk driver plowed into the group, injuring four boys and killing another one. At the end of January, the family of the deceased victim was in a New York court hoping that the driver was going to accept responsibility for his actions. Unfortunately, that did not happen and the family is still left seeking justice for their son.

According to reports, on Sept. 30, the accused had been drinking with a friend at a golf club. He refused a ride home, choosing to drive himself instead, and shortly after leaving the club he hit the group of boys. This individual has been charged with aggravated DWI, aggravated vehicular homicide and 14 other crimes. The attorney for the accused has said several times that his client is ready to accept his role in the incident. Plea deal negotiations are ongoing and the accused has been released on bail.

Obviously, the boy’s family and the injured victims and their family members are upset by how this whole thing is playing out in criminal court, and rightly so. While they wait out the criminal side of this case, they may take actions to seek compensation for their losses by filing civil claims against the man responsible for the collision. Wrongful death and personal injury claims, if successfully negotiated or litigated can result in the awarding of compensation for all documented losses.

Drunk driving is a serious offense in New York. The effect a drunk driver can have on his or her victims and their families can last a lifetime. This is why the state allows victims of drunk drivers to seek relief through legal means. An experienced attorney can assist those in this case who would like to pursue civil claims take the right steps to do so.

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