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Staying safe around the construction site

The construction industry is not immune to an economic downturn, but with the recent building and infrastructure boom in and around New York, there is no shortage of work. Along with the opportunity afforded for workers comes an increase in construction-related accidents.

People working on and around construction sites are at risk for injury from a variety of sources. Knowing what to do to avoid them, and what to do should you become a victim, may help you get through a tricky and painful process. Discover some of the preventative measures workers can implement to remain safe while going about their daily work.

Always take safety measures seriously

Whether you are a newbie or a seasoned professional, the construction industry has rules and regulations put in place to help keep workers safe. The company you work for has a lot to do with educating employees on the measures put in place to protect you. Safety equipment and practices are two things you should never skip, even if you do not feel like you need them. For instance, working up on scaffolding or cranes warrants harnesses. You should always wear the proper eye and head protection, regardless of what you perceive as a danger.

Clean up your work area

It may seem like common sense, or like something that may not matter, but maintaining a clean worksite is an essential safety measure. Too many accidents on the job occur because of misplaced tools another worker may kick over the edge, sending them careening over the side onto another worker’s head. They also become a trip-and-fall hazard. Working around electricity also requires diligence in maintaining the area. Water that puddles near live wires may quickly turn into an electrocution hazard for those in the area.

While you may not believe it, keeping these two tips in mind may keep you and fellow workers from dealing with an injury. The aftermath of a construction accident may linger for years to come. If you have suffered from such a disaster already, connecting with an attorney may help you reach a favorable resolution.

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