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Construction Accidents FAQ

If I’m injured while working on a construction site, can I get more than just workers’ compensation?

Typically, workers’ compensation laws prohibit you from suing your employer, but remember that other parties may be legally responsible for your injuries, including third-party contractors, property owners or equipment manufacturers. Workers’ compensation laws will not preclude your recovery from those parties.

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Who is responsible for ensuring safe conditions at the construction site?

The property owner and general contractor (and in some cases subcontractors) are responsible for ensuring the safety of construction workers. The extent of each party’s responsibility will vary depending on your case. New York law is very protective of construction workers.

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Do I need a lawyer to handle my construction injury claim?

Definitely. Your claim may involve complex issues concerning party liability, compliance with safety regulations, engineering and indemnity. A lawyer who is experienced in the area of construction accident liability will help ensure that you receive the legal remedy to which you are entitled.

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