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Truck Driver Fatigue Is A Common & Deadly Problem

Professional drivers of trucks and other commercial vehicles may become as complacent and fatigued as many other people do at their 40-hour-a-week jobs. Modern cabs of 18-wheelers and big rigs have many comforts and conveniences, sometimes lulling drivers into a false sense of routine. It is too easy to forget or ignore the fact that trucks on the road create hazards for drivers of other types of vehicles.

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Investigating Your Truck Accident

After a truck accident that causes injury or death – usually of someone outside the truck – it is important to undertake a prompt investigation into the causes of the accident. All too often, investigators discover that a trucker or bus driver on the road had too few hours of sleep. The driver may have fallen asleep at the wheel or he may have simply set out before he had rested long enough after the previous day’s work on the road.

Driving while fatigued is a type of bus or truck driver neglect. Demonstrating that a driver was too tired to operate a vehicle safely can strengthen a claim for compensation for injuries. An experienced personal injury lawyer will examine all facts and help translate those facts into a compelling case for compensation for motor vehicle accident victims.

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