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July 2015 Archives

1 killed, 2 injured when driver hits pole in fatal accident

What happens when a substantial injury or death is caused in a vehicular accident by a driver whose troubles with the law and criminal activities are extensive? One big problem for the victims will be that the troubled driver causing the fatal accident often carries no liability auto insurance. That may be the situation in Staten Island where a 22-year-old male has been charged by the New York City Police Department after allegedly trying to run a red light and crashing into a pole, killing a 19-year-old female passenger and hospitalizing an 18-year-old passenger.

Fatal accident: 4 dead, 6 injured as pickup crushes limousine

A horrific accident on Long Island took the lives of four young women on Saturday, July 18, at about 5:10 p.m. The women were occupants of a limousine that was making a U-turn when it was T-boned by a pickup truck driven by a 55-year-old man who has been charged -- so far -- with DWI. The fatal accident took place in the intersection of Route 48 and Depot Lane in Cutchogue.  

Pedestrian accident numbers can be reduced by fewer left turns

It's hard to believe that the expansive versatility of Google could be implemented to decrease the rate of pedestrian deaths in a metropolitan area like New York City. Nonetheless, that is precisely what some city policymakers and engineers are seeking in their efforts to get Google to program certain safety procedures into Google maps. It is hoped that pedestrian accident numbers will be reduced by the intended changes.

Car accident: Upside-down car trapped under huge tractor trailer

The gymnastic movement of vehicles through the air and over the ground are sometimes startling shows that are occasionally reminiscent of the most dramatic stock car collisions. There was one such horrific accident on Interstate 87 in Yonkers on July 3. A tiny red Honda Civic managed to flip upside-down and violently slide under a massive tractor trailer, where it was dragged for some distance and then remained stuck until its occupants and the upside-down car were dug out. The driver and two passengers survived the car accident but were taken to a New York hospital with what was described as very serious injuries.

Bill helps cabbies and bus drivers involved in a fatal accident

Despite the need for increased safety protections for pedestrians and bicyclists, the State Senate has passed a bill that would exempt taxi and bus drivers from being detained at the scene of a serious accident involving bicyclists or pedestrians. The new law would conflict at least to some extent with the right-of-way law that makes it a misdemeanor for a driver to fail to yield to a pedestrian or cyclist that has the right of way. If the law is passed by the Assembly, it will be considerably harder for the police to investigate and arrest cab drivers and bus drivers who are involved in a serious or fatal accident with a cyclist or pedestrian.

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