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November 2019 Archives

Truck weight can contribute to truck accidents

Pushing limits -- sometimes it is a good thing, and sometimes it is not. When it comes to safety regulations, for example, pushing the limits or exceeding them is far from a good thing. The trucking industry is known for pushing boundaries, particularly when it comes to how much cargo is being moved at any given time. These trucks can only carry so much, and when overloaded, bad things can happen. Truck weight can and has contributed to a number of truck accidents in the state of New York and elsewhere.

New York worst state when it comes to pedestrian accident risk

According to a national study and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, approximately 1.4 out of every 100,000 pedestrians will become a victim of a fatal collision. In addition, nearly 5.5 out of every 100,000 motorists are guilty of not yielding the right-of-way to pedestrians. A recent analysis of pedestrian accident data reveals that New York is ranked the highest for these tragic types of collisions.

2 dead in serious car accident

A three-car collision in Malone on the afternoon of Nov. 8 has claimed two lives, according to local law enforcement. Police in the New York town say a 49-year-old man and his 42-year-old female passenger were both killed as a result of the car accident. As with most accidents of this severity, an investigation is still underway into its cause. No charges have yet been filed, but police say they could still be forthcoming. 

Stairway stumbles lead to devastating injuries

You probably don't think twice about your safety when you walk up or down a flight of stairs. That is partly because most staircases have a standardized design that meets certain safety specifications. Your feet are so into the habit of climbing stairs that they do it automatically. However, when a building owner does not heed standards for safe design and maintenance of a stairway, it increases the risk of a serious fall with catastrophic injuries.

When a drunk driver causes an accident but does not survive it

You never thought it would happen to you, but here you are. You or a loved one was involved in an accident with a drunk driver. Unfortunately, that driver did not survive the event, and now you are wondering where that leaves you. Is there any way you can seek compensation for your losses? Thankfully, the laws of New York do allow victims or -- in the event of fatality -- their surviving family members to seek relief even under these circumstances.

Proposed law might end fatal car accident epidemic in Manhattan

The Manhattan District Attorney said New Yorkers' chances of dying in car accidents are the same as being murdered by a knife or gun. He called the current prevalence of fatal car accidents an epidemic. The proposed law intends to hold anyone whose actions cause a fatal car accident -- or one that causes severe injuries -- criminally accountable. Current laws make it difficult to prosecute, or even charge drivers who are reckless and harmful.

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